Service pricing, tariffs and ratemaking

Comprises the analysis of different pricing or tariff-setting approaches and the selection of the most suitable one to the reality of each case, including the design and application of subsidy schemes. In this context INECON assists in drafting laws and necessary regulations for implementation, and conducting seminars for appropriate training and dissemination. Also, this area covers INECON’s comprehensive or strategic advisory services in tariff review proceedings, offered to both regulators and regulated companies. Activities in this context include drafting ground rules for each specific tariff review process, reviewing required information, costing the production of services being regulated?typically through fit-to-purpose cost proxy models?and calculating the resulting rates and their structure, the review of, and possible objecting to, rate studies submitted, support in negotiations, advice or formal participation in the resolution of conflicts between regulated companies and the regulator, and assistance with drafting and reviewing the resulting tariff orders and their interpretation