Ports and Airports

INECON provides a broad range of services necessary for port and airport planning and development purposes. The firm has been engaged in planning, design, and engineering assignments for various port facilities in Chile and Latin America.

Likewise, we provide specialist support to address port and airport industry organization and operation issues and requirements, such as tariff studies, rate design, valuation of facility assets, and development and implementation of arrangements for private sector participation in building and operation of port and airport infrastructure.

Our experience of the sector includes:

  • Studies into planning of ports, airports, terminals, and facility expansions.
  • Design of port and airport master plans.
  • Research into port cargo markets and development of cargo forecasts.
  • Logistics analyses of port and airport operation and its costs.
  • Comprehensive advisory services to bidders in port and airport concession project award processes.
  • Specialist support on due diligence proceedings, including financial evaluation, for port and airport concession projects.
  • Studies into regulation of the port and airport industries.
  • Studies into port and airport tariffs for concession projects.