INECON offers a varied range of services in the energy sector which accommodate the individual needs of clients?from strategic advice for power companies to government policies, economic, regulatory issues, and business development. As such, INECON has experience of the economic regulation of the generation, transmission and distribution of electric power and gas; of strategic planning in the fuels sector; of quality requirements, pricing and rate-setting for electric power distribution utilities (i.e. determination of value-added for the distribution business); and of business case appraisal, capital investment and project evaluation for companies in the energy industry.

Our experience of the sector includes:

  • Studies into electric power distribution costs and value added.
  • Studies into electric and gas power tariffs.
  • Studies into electric power generation costs for industrial users and distribution utilities.
  • Analyses of marginal costs of generation and associated risks in relevant contracts.
  • Studies into costs of transmission and sub-transmission.
  • Due diligence proceedings and financial evaluation of power companies and projects.
  • Advisory services on power company management.
  • Studies into fuel costs.
  • Planning and logistics services for companies engaged in diverse operations in fuel chains of supply.